Friday, February 21, 2020

Predictive Monitoring Technologies for Snow

Predictive Monitoring Technologies
If you own or manage a large property in a snow-prone area, you’re likely aware of how damaging snow can be to roofs. While snow looks light while falling from the sky, it can actually be astonishingly dense when it packs together, creating a heavy burden on your building’s roof. You need to remove the snow if it doesn’t melt away on its own quickly enough – but how do you know when it’s time?

Take the guesswork out of snow removal by utilizing predictive monitoring technologies for snow load. Rather than overpaying for frequent removal, these monitoring systems warn you when you can no longer allow the snow to pile up.

How Snow Load Monitoring Works

The weight of snow varies drastically from day-to-day. When fresh, snow layers tend to be lighter since they’re composed of more air pockets. However, as snow accumulates, those snow pockets shrink, and more of the snow layer is composed of water, creating a denser, heavier load.

Predictive monitoring technologies measure the ratio of water vs. trapped air (Snow Water Equivalent) to estimate the overall snow load’s weight with impressive accuracy. Since the monitoring system operates 24/7, you can receive real-time email notifications whenever the weight becomes dangerous.

Benefits of a Snow Roof System

Snow Roof System
Winter can put a serious strain on your building, especially when snow keeps piling up on your roof. In fact, the vast majority of wintertime building failures across North America are caused by excessive snow and ice.

There’s nothing you can do to stop snow from falling from the sky. However, you can ward off property damage with a snow roof system. The following are just a few reasons why it’s worthwhile to invest in a professional snow system for your roof.

Reduce Snow Removal Costs

Stop overspending on frequent snow removal services. Instead of guessing when to remove snow, you can know exactly when it’s time with expert monitoring. A rooftop snow monitoring system can cut overall snow removal costs in half.

Prevent Roof Failure

Roofs are built tough, but heavy, dense snow can push your property to its limit. Unfortunately, property owners often don’t catch the early warning signs of trouble, especially during the winter, when snow and ice can conceal visible damage. A snow roof system helps you avoid such expensive damage by warning you early on.

Experience Around-the-Clock Peace of Mind

With 24/7 monitoring and instant email notifications, the right rooftop system will give you complete peace of mind. Never again will you have to stress and debate yourself over whether to schedule snow removal.