Monday, March 15, 2021

Know How much of a Snow Load can Your Roof Handle

Snow Load
Even though roofs and structures are meant to hold a lot of weight as a whole, many hours of piled-up snow can seriously stress and test the limits of a roof's integrity. Companies like Safe Roof Systems are well known for having some highly reliable monitoring systems that can help you keep track of snow's weight, so you don't risk a collapse. Stay safe, and learn how much of a snow load your roof can handle.

How much snow a roof can hold depends on the type of snow, the roofline, and material. Wet snow is heavier than the regular fluff that doesn't stick. Investing in a snow roof system will help you keep an even better eye on things.

Contact SRS to learn more about their snow roof system and keep your roof safe this winter.

Reliable Roof Monitor for the Safety of Your Facility


Roof Monitor

When it comes to any roof, it's always essential to ensure it gets the proper maintenance and check-ups on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. The term "out of sight, out of mind" is very accurate when you can't see the weather damage from months of elemental exposure or snowfall in colder regions. That's why companies like Safe Roof Systems have the equipment you can use, such as a roof monitor, to ensure you're always aware of the integrity of your roof.

This system uses predictive technology to assess the snow's weight to help avoid the risk of a collapse. Get ahead of the winter season when you invest in a roof snow alarm system from Safe Roof Systems. You'll be able to clear the snow from your roof. It's never too early to prepare for the winter season. Just like you would check your HVAC system to make sure heat is flowing, having a monitor to make sure the snow accumulation isn't too heavy is a great way to keep everyone in the facility safe.

Contact SRS today to learn more about their roof monitor and keep your facility safe for the winter. They'll be able to help you use the alarm system, so your roof is in the best condition this winter.

Monday, February 15, 2021

What Is Predictive Monitoring


Predictive Monitoring

As magical as it looks, a thick layer of snow on a large, commercial roof can have heavy consequences. Heavy snowfall is currently a leading cause of roof sagging and damage in communities throughout the United States and Canada. Even well-engineered buildings can struggle under the weight of dense, wet snow, and many business owners don’t notice the danger signs until it’s too late.

This is where predictive monitoring is a “must-have" service for facility maintenance managers in northern climates. It is not convenient, safe, or affordable to have teams of workers entering your place of business or buildings unless absolutely needed.  Roof deflection alarm systems from Safe Roof Systems provide safe roof monitoring, and in turn, allow facility managers to maintain optimum roof conditions while safely saving on shovel labor costs.

Predictive monitoring systems from SRS automatically alert facility managers when and where roof load mitigation is required.  This technological strategy allows businesses to scale their responses and balance those needs with safe staffing levels. With a roof predictive monitoring program in place, businesses can scale their snow removal plans in real-time. That’s essential in northern climates where the level of danger to a property can change as quickly as the weather.

Top Tips for Shoveling Roofs


Shoveling Roofs

Despite how beautiful winter can be on a cold, snowy morning, excessive snow accumulation can be a nightmare for a commercial flat roof. During the winter months, it is crucial for business owners to monitor the level of snow on their flat roofs and go about shoveling roofs safely to protect the integrity of the roof and prevent unnecessary accidents or damage.

There are some keys tips for shoveling roofs safely:

Tip 1

Before clearing snow from a roof, make sure to assess the surrounding area. Remove any objects that could be damaged from falling snow and ice and put out caution signs or cones to mark off areas where people should not walk.

Tip 2

Use a shovel to remove as much snow as possible. Shoveling roofs is easier when you find a comfortable position on the roof that allows you to maneuver. Clear the snow without digging downward. This method protects the membrane and roofing materials from damage.

Tip 3

After the bulk of the snow is removed, sweep the roof with a broom, ensuring no part of the roof is holding more weight than another part.

Tip 4

Remember, it’s critical to remove snow, ice, and debris from gutters and drain spouts as well. When the snow melts, it needs a clear path to drain away to prevent ponding and leaks.

Monday, November 9, 2020

How to Make Roof Snow Removal Plans at the Best Time

Roof Snow Removal Plans
We use preventative monitoring technologies to help our clients stay on top of roof snow removal plans for the winter season. Save time, money, and property by preventing roof collapses and weather damage from accumulated snow. Cold weather can cause materials to become brittle over time, which makes any sagging a potentially dangerous situation. Using technology to help us gauge when to call for snow will help businesses avoid roof collapses.

COVID Safety Measures

Providing preventative monitoring technologies for our clients is vital in helping them and their customers stay safe. But on that same note of safety, we take the COVID safety measures with the utmost seriousness. Our team follows a few guidelines to help everyone stay safe:

·         Separate SRS Workstations to Reduce Close Contact Between Technicians

·         Clearly Mark SRS Work Areas to Minimize Contact with Client's Staff or Other Contractors

·         Have Hand Sanitizer Readily Available and Used Frequently While On the Worksite

·         Regularly Disinfect Doors, Door Handles, Countertops, and Other Surfaces In the SRS Work Area

·         Coordinate Work Site Plans and Timetables with Building Management and Any Affected Contractors

Contact us today for more details about our products and services and our COVID protocols. We'll be glad to discuss any concerns or answer any inquiries.

How to Detect Signs of Roof Collapse

Roof Collapse

Architects make roofs from very strong materials, and we often don't think about the roofs over our heads because we trust that the structure is safe. However, when it comes to wintertime in the Northern US and Canada, wet, heavy snow can really strain the structure's integrity and potentially cause a roof collapse. Safe Roof Systems cares about everyone's safety, especially in moments when the roofs are in danger of collapsing. Most property owners don't realize that there's a problem until it's too late; that's why we make our snow roof alarm available.

Using technology like this will help alert you when you need to call for snow removal, which will save you time and money in the future. This device is specifically designed for commercial use. Roof collapse is incredibly scary in a place where many people are in one facility, such as a community center or shopping center. When left unchecked, wet snow can pile up to unimaginable weight and make the roof sag. Over time sagging and cold weather can make the material turn brittle and cause a collapse.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can prevent roof collapse with our roof snow alarm system.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Staying Safe While Installing a Roof Snow Alarm System

Roof Snow Alarm System
As winter comes around, the threat of snowfall comes with it. That could mean a great deal of added weight pressing down on your business, causing a potential roof collapse if you aren’t careful. That is why business owners must have a roof snow alarm system specifically designed to warn when the amount of snow on their roof is starting to get to be a bit too heavy.

While, in the past, having someone install one of these systems might have only meant researching some reviews and picking the right contractor to meet your needs, things are a bit different today due to COVID-19. Rely on Safe Roof Systems for proper installation of your business’s roof alarm system. You can be sure we are going to take all of the necessary safety precautions to reduce the possibility of exposing you, your employees, your customers to this virus.

When you contact our roof snow alarm contractor, make sure to ask us about the different COVID-related safety precautions we take when installing your system. We utilize high-quality, proper PPE, sanitize, and only bring the number of contractors needed for the job. We put our customer’s health first when reducing the risk of snow damage.