Thursday, July 2, 2020

Safe Roof Systems Supports Work-Place Health & Safety Protocols

Rules and procedures for contractors accessing work-places have changed significantly with the spread of Covid-19. The reality is that these standards will likely be in place for years to come. Our team at Safe Roof Systems is dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of safety.

Important questions and concerns include:
  • Does contractor access now require business managers to send their staff home again?
  • Will contact areas require sanitization after work is complete?    
Snow removal operations often require a large crew. Questions our customers have had include:
  • How difficult will it be to safely remove snow when needed?
  • Can you limit the size of a crew safely and responsibly?
SRS roof deflection alarms tell you when to act and also helps limit work-place exposure by qualifying how many contractors will be needed. Our alarm systems also show our team where contractors are required.

Know when and where to remove roof snow. Save time and money while maintaining a safe work environment with Safe Roof Systems. Contact SRS today for an on-line roof risk review and alarm system proposal.

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