Monday, April 26, 2021

The Importance of Shoveling Roofs


Shoveling Roofs

When that first chill in the air starts to blow in, it is time to start thinking about how you will prepare your home for the upcoming winter season. Since Mother Nature can be pretty unpredictable, it is essential to be ready before the snow starts falling. Now is the time to develop your own roof snow removal plan. One of the most intelligent decisions you can make is to have predictive monitoring installed onto your roof and a qualified snow removal service at the ready.

Shoveling roofs isn’t quite as simple as just climbing onto the roof and going at it. It is a potentially dangerous situation, especially if ice and snow have been allowed to build up. A professional not only has the proper equipment necessary to safely remove your roof’s excessive weight, but also has the training necessary to do it the right way every time.

The most significant risk to a roof is an ice dam. This happens when snow melts and has no place to go due to fresh snow or blocked gutters. The melted snow turns into ice, which then adds more weight and makes it even harder for snow and water to leave your roof. A professional can get on your roof and remove both the snow and these ice dams to help your existing system function as it should.

Snow shoveling should be performed anytime there is more than six inches of snowfall. Older or compromised roofs might collapse with just 12 inches of accumulated snow. So keep track of snowfall, and make sure you have someone who knows how to shovel it ready to climb up there for you.

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