Thursday, May 9, 2019

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Welcome to our blog! Thank you for your interest in our innovative roof snow alarm system. The goal at SRS is to provide real-time alerts and notifications so that you can avoid having too much snow on your building’s roof. How much snow on the roof is too much? It all depends on water content. When the weight of accumulated snow and ice exceeds the capacity of the roof structure, the roof collapses. Plus, rain falling on accumulated snow is especially dangerous, because it can more than triple the weight of the snow. We have developed our roof load monitoring systems to provide building owners with the following benefits:

•             Peace of mind knowing a roof’s snow load is being automatically monitored.
•             Saving time and money every winter.
•             Preventing roof failure or collapse.
•             Limiting snow removal to precisely when it’s needed.
•             Reducing shovel labor.
•             Providing real-time alerts and notifications.

The snow load on a building roof is not always from a single large snow storm. Snow loads can be the result of a series of storms. Also, one foot of snow on the ground does not necessarily equal one foot of snow on a roof. The difference in snow load conditions results from the variables associated with an individual building. Our systems provide property owners and managers with a way to know the potential impact of their building’s roof load conditions during and after severe weather events. The roof deflection monitoring systems by Safe Roof Systems provide you with critical visibility and awareness of roof load conditions from severe weather events. 

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